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February 8, 2011 11:22 pm
"Stop building USmilitary helipad and save the Okinawa forest!

Okinawa people need your help.
Japanese government starts destroying the forest for building the US
helipad,without investgation of Redlisted animals.
Please tell Mr.Kan to stop destroying Okinawa forest.
There is Jungle Warfare Training Center of United States Marine Corps
(7,500 ha) in the area called Yanbaru %u2013 Northeast mountain side
of Higashi and Kunigami village, Okinawa. Subtropical natural forest
and mountain stream remain, and the area provides habitats for over
4,000 species of wildlife. 11 animals and 12 plants are peculiar to
the Yanbaru area. A large number of Threatened Species are listed in
the Red List, 188 species in Okinawan Red List, and 177 in the Red
List of Environment Ministry. Jungle Warfare Training Center and the
Yanbaru Forest around the center have quite important natural
environment and biodiversity including numerous endemic, endemic
subspecific, and threatened species.
%u3000Northern half of the Jungle Warfare Training Center is scheduled
for retiring to Japan. However, the construction of 6helipads (75m in
diameter) and roads are required in return. If the helipads are
constructed and military exercises carry out, it is considered to have
serious adverse effect on forest and the wildlife living in the area.
Okinawa People call for the cancellation of helipads.
Natural environment and the wildlife living in the Jungle Warfare
Training Center are of considerable value as World natural heritage.
IUCN urged both Japanese and American governments to consider other
alternatives, including Zero Option (option of no constriction), also
to set up a protected area and management action plan for Okinawa
Woodpecker and Okinawa Rail in the years of 2000 and 2004. The
government should also call off the helipads constriction plan to the
security and tranquil life of the people who lives in Takae, Higashi
village,situated next to the helipads."